Terms of Use

Full refund if cancellation takes place within 48 hours of booking Cleaning fees are always reimbursed if the reservation is canceled before entering the premises.  The service charges are refundable if the traveler cancels within 48 hours of booking and at least 14 days before arrival. They are not refundable if the traveler cancels a stay which overlaps an existing stay, even in part. Accommodation costs (the total price paid for the overnight stay) are reimbursable in certain cases as described below.  If there is a complaint from one side or the other, APPRTHOTEL must be notified within 24 hours of entering the premises. A reservation is officially canceled when the traveler clicks on the cancellation button on the cancellation confirmation page The refund policy for travelers, cases of force majeure or cancellations by APPARTHOTEL for any other reason provided for in the General Conditions may override the cancellation conditions. Please check these exceptions.